Monday, March 25, 2013

Save 15% on SMASH Style BOOKS – New THIS & THAT product line from Stampin’UP!

Yes – SMASH style BOOKS from Stampin’UP! – Our New Product Line This and That will help you capture the everyday in a new and liberating way.

I am so excited over this new product line. I use to save all sorts of movie tickets, event programs, pictures etc. from high school but wish I had done more with them, it's hard to remember who you were with, thoughts, feelings, etc. as time goes by.

Now I get to do just that with our newTHIS & THAT product line. I can not only glue things in as fast as they are happening but I now I know the importance of adding thoughts, feeling, details I want to remember. This will also be a great way to remember all the great things we experience as a family and all the cute and funny things Aidan says and does that I'll definitely want to remember.

The Bundle is amazing deal and you save 15% - ORDER TODAY HERE

You can order as many bundles as you want, wouldn't these make great gifts for the young people in your lives, if they are in high school, or heading off to college, or just growing up!

Please join me and we'll see how we can get SMASHED together!!  If there's enough interest we can set up a class or even work on these at one our our PMS get togethers, the possibilities are endless!
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