Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Disney Magic Projects: Day 3

It's another beautiful morning!  As I was doing research for our cruise I discovered the DisBoards website which is a forum for all things Disney, including cruises.  They have pages set up for each of the cruises where you can start to meet up with families who are going to be on your cruise long before you board the ship.  This is also where Fish Extender exchanges are organized.  For those of you who do not know what Fish Extenders are they are unique to Disney cruises and people hang customized pockets next to their doors (under the fish ornaments) and people drop off gifts all during the cruise.  So of course I had to sign up and committed to making 40 gifts.  So given by love of scrapbook and papercrafting I decided to make mini scrapbook albums out of CD cases.

I used MS2 to create the cover (Kimberly Van Diepen has a great tutorial on how to make mickey heads on the program you have to check out).  On the inside I have a Top 10 list that each family can personalize and punched out a Mickey head with a punch.  The scrapbook is an accordian fold and is decorated with Disney scrapbook paper (found at a local craft store).

We also added Mickey rhinestones to jazz it up and I created tags for each of our port destinations which were punched out with the Modern Label punch

Here's another close up of the pages.  I love how these turned out even if they do take up an entire suitcase.  I can't wait to see how people like the albums and it'll be so easy for families to remember this trip by simply triming some pictures and gluing them in the album.
This would make great gifts for any type of get together or something you want to remember.

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