Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps

Good morning!  So I wrote this weekend that we used Stampin' Up's new Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps this weekend and thought I would share some pictures and tips.

I used the Sugar Cookie receipe that was included with the stamp set.  In the first batch (pictured below) I split the dough and colored half blue for the snowflakes.  I stamped the dough balls right after making them.  Making them this way they tended to spread more and have cracked edges.

This next picture is of a package I created with the cookies just to show a simple way to present them as gifts.

Saturday morning I made a second batch of dough and refridgerated the individual dough balls so the kids to stamp them during class.  We also used a biscuit cutter to trim the edges to make them smooth.  Both versions turned out great and taste great, like shortbread cookies.

These were fun to make and the kids had a blast.  I preferred the cookies using the refrigerated dough and will definately be making them again.

Don't miss out on getting your cookie stamps, perfect for the upcoming holidays!


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